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Student Code of Conduct

Standard Dress
All students are REQUIRED to wear the following:
  • Straight leg Khaki slacks (Docker’s or Dickies) – provided by students.
  • A plain black collared polo shirt (long and/or short sleeve) with no writing, pockets, pictures, or manufacturer’s logo. Shirt must be tucked in at all times.
  • Shirts may be purchased at DAEP during the intake process. 
NO long sleeve sweatshirts or sweaters under the collared shirt.
NO visible undergarments.
Girls: NO cleavage (campus staff determines acceptability)
NO shorts, baggy/saggy pants, capris pants, or low rise pants. Pants need to be at or above the belly button, and the inseam must be pulled up to the crotch area.
NO basketball shorts or shorts with pockets may be worn under pants.
NO rolled up pants. ALL pants need to be ankle length.
NO distressed fabric, holes, tears, bleach spots, logos, frayed, etc.
NO cargo pants with multiple pockets on the sides of them. 

● Solid white, brown or black Tennis Shoes with white, brown or black socks.
● NO boat shoes
● NO boots allowed
Belt should be normal thickness, brown or black only. No large/ornate buckles, studs on belt or inappropriate logos on belt or buckle. Students will not be allowed to sag their pants below their waist. No caps, bandannas, or jewelry may be worn or be in the student's possession.
Confiscated items will not be given back to the student until the last day of his/her placement. No jewelry items which include watches, rings, necklaces, tongue rings, belly button rings, and earrings. Fingernails must be well manicured. No acrylic/fake nails or nail polish are allowed.

Haircuts/Hair Style
Students will be required to maintain regulation haircuts/styles at the parent/guardian's expense.
  • Male students' hair will be in compliance with the MISD dress code. No facial hair or sideburns below the ear are allowed. Staff will perform periodic inspections and give sufficient notice to students to get into compliance with the hair policy. Students are responsible for notifying their parent/guardian when in need of a haircut. The parent/guardian will notify staff if there is a problem getting the hair cut within three days of being notified.
  • Female students' hair must be tied back and tucked in a bun above the collar and away from the face. Hair must be kept clean and neat, in its natural color and free from designs cut or shaved onto the head or eyebrows, free from corn rolls, braids, decorative beads, etc. No use of any cosmetics.

Attendance Policy
Students must attend class all day in order to receive credit. Students must bring a parent note the day they return back to school, per MISD attendance guidelines Students tardy will have to stay after school and make up the time, They will also have to write the tardy policy for every minute they were tardy.

Defacing, or damaging school property is not tolerated. Students will be required to pay for damages and will be subject to criminal proceedings as well as disciplinary consequences in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.
Students are searched each time they enter the campus, including scanning over the outside of clothing with a metal detector wand, check of shoes and socks, and examination of anything brought to school (lunches, homework, school supplies, etc.).
  • In the interest of promoting student safety and attempting to ensure that schools are safe and drug free, district officials may conduct searches. Such searches are conducted without a warrant as permitted by law. Any subsequent offense of this policy will result in the confiscated item being returned to the parent/guardian. Tobacco products, paraphernalia, drugs, alcohol, prohibited weapons and other illegal items not listed, will not be returned to the student or parent/guardian and may be turned over to the proper authorities.
  • Students must have permission from a staff member before bringing non-required items into the school building. Non-required items will be considered contraband.
  • No backpacks, cell phones (unless the student walks home), wallets, purses, or cosmetic products are allowed.
Counseling services will be provided for students involved in drug/alcohol/tobacco violations. Individual and group counseling will be available.

Rules/Expectations for Student Conduct
  • Do assigned class work and homework (turn it in on time).
  • Follow instructions while respecting others when participating in class.
  • Notify staff when you are having difficulty with an assignment and need help.
  • Bathroom and water breaks are offered at scheduled times throughout the day.
  • Participate in mandatory academic and physical activities as assigned.
  • Do not go onto any MISD campus while assigned to DAEP. This includes any MISD extra-curricular activities on or off campus. A violation may result in criminal trespassing and additional consequences at DAEP.
  • Sit up straight in your desk chair with your feet under the desk chair.
  • No sleeping or resting your head on the desk at any time.
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times.
  • No inappropriate conversations (swearing, talking about sex, drugs, or alcohol).
  • No letter writing or passing notes of any kind. No communication of any kind with other students without permission.
  • Request permission before talking or getting out of your chair.
  • No food, drink, or chewing gum is allowed in class.
  • Do not write on or deface school property anywhere on campus.
  • No drawing or doodling. (Drawing is only allowed if it is an assignment from an art teacher.)
  • Once a student arrives on campus, he/she may not leave campus without permission from school personnel.
  • Do not engage in misconduct that could result in additional disciplinary action.
  • Properly maintain and operate the computer as outlined in the District Acceptable Use Policy.
  • NO gang related graffiti or identifiers.
  • Student is not allowed to bring more than $5.
Requirements to Return to Home Campus
  • Completed and turned in all classroom assignments.
  • Completed Student Proposal Questionnaire.
  • Reinstatement Form signed by DAEP staff member.
  • Transition meeting with the student, parent/guardian, and school personnel.
How to Earn Days Off of Placement
Students have the opportunity to earn days off of their original DAEP assignment. They can earn 1 day for every 5 days that they meet the following criteria:
  • Be in attendance every day of the week.
  • Have no tardies for the week.
  • Complete all daily assignments for every class.
  • Receive no disciplinary referrals for the week.
  • Have all school supplies at school every day.
Some placements may not allow earned days off.
Level II DAEP Assignment
Students that are assigned to a DAEP assignment more than once in a school year, must re-copy the rule packet daily for the 1st ten days of their assignment. Additional days may be added to a student’s placement for disciplinary misconduct.
Consequences for student infractions while at DAEP:
(One or more may be utilized)

● Parent sit in class with student
● Before school d-hall (7:00 am-7:30 am)
● After school d-hall (2:30 pm-3:00 pm)
● Isolation
● ISS*
● Conference/Warning
● Loss of desk - student will have to sit on a stool. (for sleeping/head down)
● Additional days added at DAEP
● Suspension (in and out of school)
● Copy rule packet
● Copy part of rule packet (applicable to infraction)
● Law enforcement
*Subject to video monitoring