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The Discipline Alternative Education Program (DAEP) is the Discipline Campus for MISD students. Students who violate the district's Student Code of Conduct are subject to referral and placement. Students may be placed in the program for a short term or long term, based on the Student Code of Conduct. Assignment to DAEP is considered a serious consequence. Students are closely supervised and strict discipline and appropriate behavior are enforced. The DAEP seeks to provide students with an environment that promotes positive decision making, self-discipline, positive social skills, and improved academic performance. Students who continue to exhibit serious and/or persistent misconduct or commit major infractions of the Student Code of Conduct while at DAEP, are subject to having their placement extended or being expelled to the Montgomery County Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP).
Program Components
• Support for the student's academic and personal success
• Services for students with disabilities
• State-mandated assessments
• Small student-to-teacher ratio
• Discipline instruction
• Counseling
• Behavior management to foster positive social skills
• High School and Junior High School level core curriculum
• STAAR remediation
• Communication between home campuses and DAEP teachers
• Transition meetings for students prior to returning to their home campuses