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Uniform & Grooming

Standard Dress

All students are REQUIRED to wear the following:

●  Straight leg Khaki slacks (e.g. Dockers or Dickies) – provided by students.

●  A black or brown belt of average thickness.

●  A plain black collared polo shirt (long and/or short sleeve) with no writing, pockets, pictures, or manufacturer’s logo. The shirt must be tucked in at all times.

●  Shirts and/or plain black sweatshirts (no hood or pockets) may be purchased at DAEP, if available, during the intake process for $15 each.


●  Tennis Shoes (white, brown or black) with white, brown or black socks

●  NO boat shoes

●  NO clogs (Crocs), sandals, or slides

●  NO boots allowed

NO long sleeve sweatshirts or sweaters under the collared shirt.

NO visible undergarments.

NO exposed cleavage on girls (campus staff determines acceptability).

NO shorts, baggy/sagging pants below the waist, capris pants, skinny or low rise pants. Pants need to be at or above the belly button, and the inseam must be pulled up to the crotch area.

NO basketball shorts or shorts with pockets may be worn under pants. NO rolled up pants. ALL pants need to be ankle length.

NO distressed fabric, holes, tears, bleach spots, logos, frayed, etc.

NO cargo pants with multiple pockets on the sides of them.

NO large/ornate buckles, studs on a belt, or inappropriate logos on a belt or buckle. NO caps, bandannas, etc. may be worn or in the student’s possession.

NO jewelry of any kind may be worn or in the student’s possession, including watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, tongue rings, belly button rings, earrings or nose rings.

NO acrylic/fake nails or nail polish.

NO use of any cosmetics or fake eyelashes.

Confiscated items will not be given back to the student until the last day of his/her placement.

Haircuts / Hair Style

●  Students' hair will be in compliance with the MISD dress code. Staff will perform periodic inspections and give sufficient notice to students to get into compliance with any dress code policies.

●  All students' hair must be tied back in a ponytail, braid or a bun (if long enough) above the collar and away from the face/out of the eyes. Hair must be kept clean and neat, in its natural color, and free from designs cut or shaved onto the head or eyebrows.