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Rules & Procedures


Students and their parents/guardians are required to attend an intake orientation meeting with the principal or designee before the student starts attending the program. To schedule an appointment, please call Jennifer Burford at (281) 252-2275, or email her at During this meeting, procedures and rules will be explained. This meeting gives the student and parent/guardian the opportunity to have any questions or concerns answered, so there is no confusion about expectations and responsibilities.


Student Rights and Responsibilities


●  To be treated respectfully, impartially, and fairly.

●  To be informed of the rules, procedures, and schedules of the DAEP.

●  To not be discriminated against because of race, national origin, color, creed, gender, religion, disability, services, and programs available.

●  To have appropriate medical treatment when needed.

●  To report any problems or complaints without fear of retaliation.


●  To follow ALL rules, procedures, schedules, and directions of the staff.

●  To not discriminate against other students, staff, or use language that implies prejudice and/or discrimination.

●  To assist in keeping the classroom clean.

●  To ask for medical treatment when needed.

●  To conduct oneself in an appropriate manner.

●  To use good hygiene.

●  To report any disrespectful and/or inappropriate behavior directed at them, others, or to a staff member.

●  To follow the grievance procedures when making a complaint.


Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

●  Transport the student to school each day between 6:45 and 7:15 a.m. Students will be allowed to walk, ride their bike, or drive (with administrative and parent permission) to and from school.

●  Pick up the student at 2:00 each day. All students should be off campus by 2:30 PM. If there is an emergency or special circumstance, please make prior arrangements.

●  Provide prior written permission for walking or carpooling.

●  Ensure that your student has the proper clothing and maintains good hygiene.

●  A parent/guardian must sign a student in or out during the school day.

●  A parent/guardian will be notified if the student becomes ill at school.

●  Attend meetings with school personnel when requested.



●  Students must bring lunch or order lunch through the cafeteria.

●  Student account numbers and account balances will roll over from the home campus.

●  No food may be brought in from restaurants or any other unauthorized source.

●  No candy, baked goods, gum, soda, caffeine drinks, or flavored water/water additives.

●  Chips, snacks, and plain bottled water must be in unopened containers.

●  Guests may not eat lunch or visit with students.



●  Students are to bring one package of loose-leaf notebook paper, a plain pocket folder (not red or blue), and #2 pencils.

●  Textbooks and/or computers will be supplied by the DAEP as needed.

●  Pens of any kind are not allowed. No mechanical pencils are allowed.


Attendance Policy

Students must attend class all day to receive credit. Students must bring a parent or doctor note the day they return back to school, per MISD attendance guidelines. Tardy students will have to stay after school and make up the time. They will have to complete work missed due to their tardiness.



Defacing or damaging school property is not tolerated. Students will be required to pay for damages and will be subject to criminal proceedings as well as disciplinary consequences in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.



Students are searched prior to entering into their classroom every morning. Searches include scanning over the outside of clothing with a metal detector wand, removing shoes and socks, and an examination of anything brought to school (lunches, homework, school supplies, etc.).

●  In the interest of promoting student safety and attempting to ensure that schools are safe and drug-free, district officials may conduct searches. Such searches are conducted without a warrant as permitted by law. Any subsequent offense of this policy will result in the confiscated item being returned to the parent/guardian. Tobacco products, vapes, paraphernalia, drugs, alcohol, prohibited weapons, and other illegal items not listed will not be returned to the student or parent/guardian and may be turned over to the proper authorities.

●  No backpacks, cell phones (unless the student walks home or drives to school), airpods, earbuds, wallets, purses, or cosmetic products are allowed.

●  Students must have permission from a staff member before bringing non-required items into the school building. Non-required items that have not been approved will be considered contraband.



Counseling services will be provided for students involved in drug/alcohol/tobacco violations. Individual and group counseling will be available. Please contact Rosalinda Estrada at


Student Restroom Breaks

Restroom breaks will be scheduled throughout the day. Students may have to stay 5 minutes after class if they need to use the restroom outside of the designated times. Students consistently using the restroom outside of break time may result in disciplinary action and the student will have to make up time after school.

Restroom Break Process: Morning & Afternoon

●  Teachers will be called to escort their class to the restroom, ONLY one class will be in the hall at a time.

●  The boys will line up outside the boys' restroom wall and stand 3 feet apart.

●  The girls will line up outside the girls' restroom wall and stand 3 feet apart.

●  Students will be escorted into the restroom one or two at a time by a designated staff member. Once the student has finished in the stall/urinal, staff will inspect the area, students will wash their hands and return to the hallway until their teacher escorts them back to their class. NO TALKING ALLOWED.

●  The Principal/Teacher/Constable will monitor students in the hallway.

If a student has an EMERGENCY, the teacher will call an available staff member to escort the student to the restroom.


Rules/Expectations for Student Conduct

●  Do assigned classwork and homework in a timely manner.

●  Follow instructions and respect others when participating in class.

●  Participate in mandatory academic activities as assigned.

●  Sit up straight in your desk chair with your feet under the desk chair.

●  No sleeping, laying on the floor, or resting your head on the desk at any time.

●  Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times.

●  No inappropriate conversations (swearing, talking about sex, drugs, or alcohol).

●  No letter writing, drawing, or passing notes of any kind. No communication of any kind with other students without permission.

●  No doodling. Drawing is only allowed if it is part of an assignment from a teacher.

●  Request permission before talking or getting out of your chair.

●  Do not throw food or play with/squirt water from the water bottles.

●  Do not vandalize the classrooms in any way, including removal of trim from the cubicles.

●  No chewing gum is allowed on campus.

●  Do not write on or deface school property anywhere on campus.

●  Once a student arrives on campus, he/she may not leave campus without permission from school personnel.

  • Walk in a quiet and orderly fashion with your class to/from the restroom and during class change, both inside and outside of the building.

●  Do not engage in misconduct that could result in additional disciplinary action.

●  Properly maintain and operate computers as outlined in the District Acceptable Use Policy.

●  Never log into a DAEP Chromebook under another student’s account.

●  NO gang-related graffiti or identifiers.

●  A student is not allowed to bring more than $5, unless purchasing a shirt/sweatshirt.

●  Do not go onto any MISD campus while assigned to DAEP. This includes any MISD extra-curricular activities on or off-campus. A violation may result in criminal trespassing and additional consequences at DAEP.


Requirements to Return to Home Campus

●  Completed and turned in all classroom assignments/tests

●  Completed all required Everfi courses

●  Completed a transition meeting with the student and administrators/counselor


How to Earn Days Off of Placement (Some placements may not allow earned days off)

Students have the opportunity to earn days off of their original DAEP placement. They can earn at least one day for every five days when they meet the following criteria:

● Complete writing the entire DAEP Handbook by the end of the first day of their placement

●  Be in attendance every day of the week

●  Have no tardies for the week

●  Complete all daily assignments for every class

●  Receive no disciplinary referrals for the week


Level II DAEP Assignment

Students assigned to a DAEP placement more than once in a school year must re-copy the entire Handbook. Additional days may be added to a student’s placement for disciplinary misconduct.


Consequences for student infractions while at DAEP (One or more may be utilized)

●  Before school d-hall (6:30-7:00 am)

●  After school d-hall (2:00-2:30 pm)

●  Isolation / Time-out

●  In-School Suspension

●  Conference / Warning

●  Loss of desk - sit on stool (for sleeping/head down)

●  Copy rule packet

●  Copy part of rule packet (applicable to an infraction)

●  Additional days added at DAEP

●  Out-of-School Suspension

●  Law enforcement referral